Validating quicken file

22-Sep-2017 19:18

I have successfully imported data from QW2016 and QW2018 into TT2017. It is more likely that your Quicken data file contains some corruption which is preventing TT from importing it. This was resolved in the latest Turbo Tax update released on Friday 12/08/2017.

To prove it's not a problem with the quicken file or program, I CAN import from the same Quicken program/file into LAST YEAR's Turbo Tax 2016 software.' data-inline-edit-type='wysiwyg' data-inline-edit-url='/answers/6428155' id='inline_edit_answer_6428155_body' Some customers have reported receiving an error message in Turbo Tax stating "You need to have a current version of Quicken" to import their transaction information into Turbo Tax 2017 for windows from Quicken 2016 or later.

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I've also been running Quicken since the days of DOS. Everything was running fine in Win 7 Pro except I was not able to run the updates. That didn't seem to matter as everything I needed was working fine.

Then my Win 7 machine crashed and I had to get this new Win 10 computer.

Installed Quicken and it appeared to run the updates successfully.

I could wonder if that happened after a patch and the suggestion to check into that is all you need.

I could also wonder if the account in question was newly added when you acquired the 2014 release.I tried reinstalling Quicken and restored from a backup and it worked for a couple days and then crashed again. All the other accounts work OK but switching to that one account causes it to crash. If you fresh installed from the CD/DVD I worry you're not patched yet.