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He leaves Bronx to live with his bff London, where h*blows out breath*where to start?

This book is about Vegas, a boy raised in the South by his grandmother.

He does this happily and has made a lot of friends there.

One day he starts getting very creepy calls from someone who…

It's a whirlwind romance that moves fast, and he finds himself living with him in a short time. For our young Vegas, things are so up and down that he never seems to catch his footing. My only complaint about this book would be the names.

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This is why I recommend reading this review (or other reviews) so you’re prepared for the ending.

One day he starts getting very creepy calls from someone who… Once again I guess it felt kind of realistic for a single gay man in New York and his progression of relationships did help progress the story. Honestly it's probably most things other than the sex and the stalker. We were introduced to about 10 different characters and given an info dump for each character as well as Vegas’ history, and I get why all that's important, it just felt too clumped together.

let's just say isn’t too concerned about Vegas’ health and wellbeing. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, he sure does get around in this book, I swear everyone finds him attractive and he finds everyone attractive. Also, the third person POV constantly pulled me out of the story. The characters felt a bit fake, maybe because they were all rich high-class, super good looking, gay men working at a phone sex centre. It frustrates me to no end when I don’t get a conclusion to a mystery.

It isn’t long before Vegas finds himself entangled in a web of dark and dangerous obsession. “Dirty Talk” will take you deep into the world of stimulating oral desire and blur the lines that exist between our ultimate fantasies and harsh reality.3.5 hearts There are a couple of things I need to make clear right off the bat.

This is not a romance, and the ending is very ambiguous.

He will kill you and bury you in the woods..go screw your girlfriend.

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